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Adidas Pants Maroon

Friction Hill: Visitors can propel Adidas Pants Maroon different materials down a ramp some smooth, some rough to learn how friction effects skateboard speed in particular and motion in general. The signage provides a hint, reading, "The smoother Nike Grey Jacket

trick and wiping out while attempting it.

Adidas Pants Maroon

Adidas Pants Maroon

Adidas Pants Maroon

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD: The exhibit addresses force, movement and inertia, and tests patrons' knowledge on the effect it has on skating. Saturday and Sunday. Cost is $40 and includes museum admission. Alan "Ollie" Nike Leggings For Boys

A traveling exhibition, "Tony Hawk: RAD Science," opens Friday at the Museum of Discovery and Science, complemented by an outdoor skate fest this weekend. The exhibition shows how skateboarding uses physical principles to produce radical tricks. (Talk about a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down.)

Adidas Pants Maroon

Adidas Pants Maroon

Adidas Pants Maroon

Adidas Pants Maroon

Loop of Centripetal Force: Visitors can roll plastic balls up a ramp in an attempt to complete a 360 degree loop the loop. Videos show skateboarders landing the Nike Long Sleeve Shirts

RAD Science opens at Museum of Discovery and Science

Gelfand, the Hollywood resident who invented "the Ollie" trick, which revolutionized skateboarding more than 35 years ago, will make an appearance.

Adidas Pants Maroon

Adidas Pants Maroon

But it doesn't hurt for the rest of us to dissect skateboarding with the scientific side of our brains.

Adidas Pants Maroon

the surface, the better the ride."

The show's 25 exhibits include:

Skateboarders generally view their activity as more of an art than a science. They don't worry about things such as inertia, force or velocity. It's more about creating while in the moment and pulling off another trick.

Adidas Pants Maroon

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